About Us

Silhouette of Hope Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) located in the rural district of Bukedea and Adjumani. The soul objective of this organization is to provide a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of the underprivileged children and refugees in schools and beyond through promoting opportunities to support and connect through lobbying, mentoring , networking and developing as well as recognizing excellence in disadvantaged pupils in a way that is sustainable and empowering.
Started in 2011 by Dr. Okedi Francis Xaviour having been involved in the management of refugee patients from South Sudan in west Nile- Uganda, Silhouette of Hope Foundation was born from his passion of helping the people who are in need. Working in a refugee settlement as a medical worker, he identified some of the major challenges that were faced by many rural Ugandans in underserved communities as well as the refugee population and this motivated him to start up Silhouette of Hope Foundation in an attempt to bridge the gaps he identified among the rural underprivileged communities and the refugees.
Over the years, Silhouette of Hope Foundation has touched lives of many refugees in west Nile as well as those of school going children in Bukedea district and several other community schools in Eastern Uganda. Because we believe that education is the key to overcoming poverty, we have focused a lot of our efforts to achieve an equitable and sustainable future through education to the young generation in underserved communities.
 We have since continued providing an on-the-ground presence in rural and remote communities where education and health services are hard to access.
Silhouette of Hope Foundation has holistically served and empowered the underprivileged communities especially those in remote Uganda as well as the refugee community with the idea of addressing not only the physical but also the spiritual needs.

Our Goal

To structurally improve and increase access to basic social and economic livelihoods of people in marginalized and undeserved communities.

Our Objectives

  • To avail scholastic material to school going pupils among the undeserved communities especially refugees and pupils undergoing Universal Primary Education

  • To avail basic needs to those in greatest need Such as clean and safe drinking water, clothing and shelter

  • To promote healthy living  through good nutrition, metal health education and easy access to safe surgical services to undeserved communities especially refugees

  • To spread the gospel of hope and love through sharing with one another the doctrine *I’m my brothers keeper*

Core Values

1. Solidarity with underserved and underprivileged communities
2. Equity, fairness and justice
3. I’m my brothers keeper
4. Honesty and integrity
5. Respect for human rights